Friday, October 22, 2021

Culture Visits


Pick up from your hotel for a visit to Ngomongo Village where you will be able to see rural Kenya, breathe rural Kenya and experience life in rural African huts of ten different and diverse rural Kenyan people.

You will actively participate in African archery, hook-fishing Luo style, harpoon-fish while floating on a Turkana raft (a balancing act), pound grain, have a Masai hair-piece fixed on your hair and many more activities.

All of it set in the background of a picturesque, previously arid and sun baked quarry, now reclaimed into a lush green forest. Lunch is included, after a life ethnicity, traditional African jewelry and head to toe full traditional African regalia. Drive back to the hotel in the afternoon.


The Kikuyu your introduces you to the most populous of Kenya’s ethnic groups, The Kikuyu are of Bantu origin settling centuries ago around Mt. Kenya region including the Abrades stretching towards Nairobi.
A relaxed departure after breakfast at 8am will take you to Bomas of Kenya where you will be entertained and receive a detailed description of Kenyan History, Folktales & Village life.

This will take you into lunch time where you will be treated to a delicious lunch at the Carnivore Restaurant after which a relaxed drive will take you to Lake Nakuru National Park for enticing game viewing and overnight.

The next morning will include an early morning game drive to the great lake, where up to a million flamingos can be seen on a good day as well as lake populations of rhino & giraffe up to lunch and checkout then another game drive while on your way out & back to Nairobi.

Culture Visits

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